Why Lunix Homes

Family Owned and Operated Business


At Lunix Homes communication and transparency are valued experience is smooth and enjoyable with Lunix Homes.


We work tirelessly to ensure we deliver to you an experienced, carefully selected and highly skilled construction team who are qualified.


At Lunix Homes we continually seek new and enterprising practices to meet and exceed our customers expectations.


We uphold the highest standards of safety, ensuring that all staff adhere to approved codes of practice, legislation and industry guidelines.


we focus on putting our people before any process

House Plans

Looking through our Home Plans is a great place to start when looking for design inspiration. Our plans can be tweaked to work best for your families expectations. Get in touch with us, we would love to meet with you to discuss your home.

Design & Build

Building your new home is a financial and emotional investment in your future. You have likely imagined the homes of your dreams and we are dedicated to bringing your aspiration to life. Come and visit us today to discuss options and ways we can help you.

House and Land Packages

At Lunix Homes we are committed to putting our clients before any process to encourage engagement throughout every build. Take a look at our quality designed house and land packages to begin your Lunix Homes experience.


From concept to creation